Why Tolerance Is Necessary For A Healthy Relationship

Did you know that in America, in almost 20 percent of all marriages and intimate partnerships, couples slap, shove, hit, or otherwise assault each other.

Emotional abuse or verbal threats, humiliating or degrading remarks, and controlling behavior—is even more common. And they all stem from intolerance. 

It is okay to wish that others were a little bit different from who they are. Sometimes, we wish they were more like us – and it is completely okay to influence them in kind, positive ways.

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But where problems surface is when we become self-righteous, angry, always looking for faults and nagging, or otherwise forcing them to change rather than accepting other people’s differences.

This topic is especially relevant for people who are controlling of others or have abusive tendencies and therefore abusive in a relationship. If you find yourself incapable of tolerating others, you will have problems with being in any kind of relationship, especially romantic relationships.

Oftentimes, when we become fault-finding and intolerant in our relationship, it is because we struggle with someone who is different. Being in a relationship with someone who is different doesn’t have to cause you stress. It could even become one of life’s great experiences.

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Benefits Of Accepting Other People’s Differences

Diversity makes the world a much more beautiful place.

Relating with people with different personalities from us means we get a sense of connection with them.

We become more exposed about the world we live in as well as ourselves in the process. This kind of interaction helps us grow not just intellectually but in many other areas of our lives.

How Do You Become More Tolerant In Your Relationship?

Tolerance helps you understand your partner better. It exposes you to where he or she comes from and their perspective on things.

You need to understand that you and your partner are two different people. There would definitely be some similarities between you two – otherwise why the interest in each other in the first place?

But generally, you are very different people. And even if your different sides collide, if you have enough tolerance to deal with those differences and collisions, then your love is still stronger. Tolerance is a tool to building a healthy relationship.

There are many tips on how to be more patient in your relationship but there are 2 important things to note when it comes to being tolerant in your relationship:

1.    Know Your Partner In And Out

It is not enough to know your partner as a partner, you need to learn more about their character, both the good and bad, the pretty and the ugly.

2.    Accept That Nobody’s Perfect

We all have flaws and your partner is no exception. When you know your partner in and out, you’re more capable of understanding their strengths and flaws and become more naturally patient when dealing with them.